Monday, January 20, 2014

Warsaw in Pictures

The Old Town Section of Warsaw is the closest the city comes to having a "tourist mecca."  The Palace is there, as are many shops, cafes and restaurants.  January is hardly a prime season for visitors, but we are grateful we were able to see it with beautiful holiday lights.  You can see how they project falling snowflakes onto buildings, and how the President's Palace is lit at night.

An excellent traditional Polish restaurant where we took Anna, our ever-so-helpful host.  We returned for our final evening in Warsaw.

The pastry case at the restaurant we wandered into on our last visit to Warsaw, and where we took Kasia for dinner.  It is largely depleted by the evening meal, but we still had wonderful things from which to choose. That was the meal where I had my first (and likely last) taste of fois gras; if I was ever going to taste something so morally maligned, it seemed the right place to do it.

At the other extreme, here is what we ate in our apartment the night Susan needed to grade papers.  I bought what I thought was a filled pastry for desert.  It was filled all right - with spinach!

The luxurious facility in which Susan taught.  If anything, Kasia's office and classroom in the hospital were even worse.  American students and faculty are spoiled rotten! 

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Lori said...

The pictures provide a good sense of your visit!